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Mastic Spa

Our philosophy is based on the creation of every product that is for us a "rite". From its production to its release. For us, the industrialization of production is an unknown concept. At each stage of production, the human element, human care, is involved. Every product before it comes into circulation "passes" more than our hands and less than inanimate machines. Before we release, we want to know its behavior, so we think our cosmetics are not just handmade but living organisms! In our laboratories the use of perfectly natural and skin-friendly ingredients is a priority. Our scientific team daily researches and implements, in collaboration with institutes around the world, new ingredients, modern and herbal, to create innovative ingredients, free from ingredients that have either been accused of damaging properties, or we consider That they do not have the necessary specifications for use in our pure products.


Business Name : Mastic spa Phone number : 30 210 6627272
Address : Chios E mail : info@sodisbrands.com
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