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για τα μέλη μας

welcome to chios island


Your residence in Theoxenia apartments will excite you, because it combines full contact with the sea, and also provides you with the opportunity to explore a place like Chios with special cultural profile and unique natural beauties

In the region of Mastihohoria belong some of the finest beaches of the island, one of these is Agia Fotia beach (Agias Fotinis or else Kamari Beach), with white pebble and crystal clear water. The beach is the creation of two streams. The streams of Agia Fotini and Kalamos feed during the winter months and shape the beach, preserving and renewing constantly the biodiversity of the coastline zone. The beach is accessible from a fine asphalt road, that connects it with the central way of Chios-Mastihohoria. Driving through the Shinos Trees and Myrtle the visitor reaches at a wonderful open bay, with a partly organized beach, where he can enjoy all the beauties of the sea. Two traditional chapels, Agia Fotini and Agios Giannis, give a traditional stroke of the brush in the air.


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