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για τα μέλη μας

welcome to chios island


A family tradition lost in the middle of the last century, was the only recipe created by the famous ouzo TETTERI.

The authentic island ouzo with the rare taste that ranks it among the 10 best ouzo in our country.

Ouzo TETTERI has been produced since the middle of the last century, the first to be distilled by Stylianos Tetteris in 1846, as a product for home use.

Having a passion and love for aniseed extract, he managed to make it known throughout the area, and to deal with it professionally.

Seeing how much he liked ouzo and the taste of mastic in the women of the Turkish commander, he combined the two flavors and produced the mastic ouzo. Which was exported to Constantinople and later to Egypt, until about 1930.

In 1912, immediately after the liberation of Chios, Ioannis Tetteris, learning the secrets from his father, founded his first Distillery with the permission of the Greek state. Since then, the production of ouzo has been going on non-stop, managing to make one of the best anise extracts.

The third generation follows with Eleftherios and his brother Stylianos bottling the first ouzo in Chios in 1947.

They also made genuine Brandy (aged in oak barrels) while at the same time they were the first to produce flavors of traditional liqueurs such as: Mastic, Mandarin, Pergamon and Rose, which as Chios products are famous for their nice aroma.


Business Name : TETTERI DISTILLERY Phone number : 2271042460
Address : TALAROS, KAMPOS E mail : info@tetteris.gr
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