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για τα μέλη μας

welcome to chios island

Voulamandis House


Voulamandis House is located in the region Kampos of Chios island . It is 6km far from the main town of Chios and just 3km from the famous sandy beach of Karfas. Kampos is one of the most beautiful places of Chios. In this area lots of mansions have been heritaged from the past, due to the fact that this area was the colony of the genoese

Chios is the fifth biggest island of Greece, smaller than Lesvos which is found thirty miles more northern and bigger than the Samos that is found forty five miles south-eastern. The island recently did not present developed economy, comparatively with his neighbours, so much the natural destructions that affected him what the human differences.





Voulamandis House is situated exactly in the centre of Kampos, in a property of 12.000sqrm covered with orange and mandarine trees, which are irrigated from our traditional well, that dominates in the centre of our huge courtyard.

Once this property belonged to a rich tradesman of that time and was used as a resting and meditation place.

In the beginning the farm was only used for the production of citrus fruits.

After this time the farm became a property of our family and in parallel with the culture of citrus fruits, we decided to transform the mansion in a big and convenient guesthouse. From 1990 we have lodged a lot of visitors from the entire world. Our daily contact with people from Germany, France, Austria, Belgium,Holland and Sweden had as a result very good friendships and many guests decided to visit our house every year and some of them twice a year.

In Voulamandis House , you can enjoy the peacefulness and the harmony of the plain, in an ideal environment, where the five senses are excited by the perfume of flowers and basilicum, the green of plain, the singing of the birds.

The high palm tree next to the mansion gives an exotic tone to the whole environment. If you are attracted by the idea of staying with us,participating in the Greek way of living and being surrounded every day by the beautiful nature of Kampos – then you should visit us!


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