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The village of Anavatos located at the central Chios, is 22 kms distance by the city of Chios and 6 kms by the Avgonima village. It is built on the top of a conical rough rock 450 meters above sea level. It offers a breathtaking view and it is distinctive due to it's unique apperarance. It consists a monument of medieval architecture loaded with great history and aesthetical value, a true source of legends. During the medieval times the inhabitants applied tothe settlement a fortified character. It was surounded with outer wall building and stone houses one attached with the other. The houses used to have wooden rooftops, low doors and tiny windows. The history of the village fixates the visitors but also the locals. During the massacre of 1822 the village became deserted, while women and children were sacrificed falling by the cliff. Part of the village has been characterised as archeological space and it is currently under restoration. Today it has just a sole citizen, but the houses, the three story building of the olive oil mill, the school and the church of Taxiarchis are well  preserved.



Anavatos village is located 22 km from the center of Chios town. The village is considered to be a monument and its great history over the years is quite interesting not only for its locals but also for its visitors. The astonishing location of the village on a conical rough rock 450 kilometers above the sea makes the access to it difficult. Anavatos village resembles a real fortress due to the large wall which was built around by the locals. You can observe that the architecture of the village is quite impressive due to the houses that were stuck together, built by stone, with wooden roofs, low doors and small convex windows. During 1822, the locals left their village by the fear of the slaughters. In particular, the women and children were forced to fall from the cliff in order to avoid being captured, and it is told that their bones are still there until today. Nowadays the village still remains abandoned; although few houses are maintained in good condition for example a famous marvelous building of 3 floors, called Triorofo, where the village’s olive press, school and the churches of Taxiarchis and Virgin Mary are hosted.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 10-20 km
Located at: Northwest of the city

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