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Armolia is another one of the Mastihohoria ( mastic producing villages ), 20 kms southwest by the city of Chios, that used to be a seperate community seat, while today consists one of the nine compartments of the primary unity of Mastihohoria.They are located to a mostly lowland area, south of mount Likouri. On the top of that mountain stands the Genoese castle of Apolichni, remarkable medieval monument that is very well preserved. On that, the Genoese had established the administrative centre of Mastihohoria. Armolia is the village of ceramic. widely known for the pots, jars imaginative decoration. The visitor here can be supplied with souvenirs  distinctive of Chios angioplasty. At the central square of the village, dominates the church of Agios Dimitrios built around 1744. At a neighbouring hill east of the village one can find the Vretos monastery.



Armolia village is located 20 kilometres from the centre of Chios town and it is known as the pottery village due to preserved tradition in making pottery. You can find and also buy perfectly decorated pottery such as pitchers, vases, jugs, mugs, bowls, suns etc., as a souvenir of the exceptional work of pottery of Chios. You can visit the church icon of Saint Dimitrios, which is dated back from 1744 and is located in the central square of the Armolia village as well as the monastery of Vretou on the top of the village. You can find the mansion house which is one of Mastihohoria medieval monument, kept up to date by the Genoese.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 20-30 km
Located at: Southeast of the city
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