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Avgonima, a village located at cental west Chios, abstains 16 kms from the capital of Chios and 6 kms from the village of Anavatos. One can reach here by going through the most prominent pine forest of the island at a 450 metres altitude. Avgonima is characterised as a medieval fortified type village, due to the houses being built very close to one another, giving the feeling of a castle. Τhe village was almost abandoned during the 60s and thus it was saved by potential urban type reconstruction. The settlement is restored at a great part of it with respect to the traditional architecture.  Most of it's picturesque houses are offered for accomodation. Small alleys lead to the main square, where the church is the dominating point of the village, with it's tavernas. The magnificent view alongside delicious food will get even the most demanding visitor.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 10-20 km
Located at: Northwest of the city
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