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Mavra Volia ( Black Stones Beach )

Mavra Volia - Black Stones


The Mavra Volia, one of the most worldwide renowned Greek beaches, is located roughly 30 kms south of the city of Chios and 5 kms south of Emporios. In 2017 it was nominated as the most beautiful beach of Greece. It's basic element of identity is it's pitch black shiny pebbles, a result of the lost in time volcanic eruption of the inactive today volcano of Psaronas. Known also as the ''Black seashore'', it's famous for it's  dark coloured deep and usually chilly waters. It is distinguished by two individual beaches, the most  distant of those called Foki beach. It's tall naked rocky edges surrounding it, fulfil an unforgetable landscape.

For those that have chosen to visit or even stay overnight on this particular corner of Chios, the nearby area of Emporios offers a wide variety of infrastructures of catering and hospitality.

The beach is being served by a regular bus line.

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Beach type: Shingle, Νότια της πόλης
Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
People with disabilities: With friendly access
Distance from the city: 30-40km
Sea: Deep waters
Shops in the area: with shops in the area

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