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Diefcha is a small mountain vilage located at the northwest of Chios, approximately 30 km's by the city of Chios. The relatively high altitude of the surrounding area, 240 metres, favours for the olive trees growth and the forestal plantation. One can reach to the important monastery of Moni Moundon through the tricky -but not lengthy in distance- street, that connects it to the village. The local church of Diefcha celebrates the Transformation of Jesus Christ on the 6th of August, but most important for the village itself, is the celebration of the historic  neighbouring monastery of Moni Moundon on the 29th of August. On those dates, traditional feasts occur and the visitor can participate and experience the unique way the Chian people enjoy those nights.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 30-40km
Located at: Northwest of the city
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