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Glari Beach



The beach of Glari ( Albatross ), one of the most cosmopolitan to be found around the island, is located roughly 9 kms northeast by the city of Chios, in between the Vrontados area and the Sikiada village, on the way towards the great village of Kardamila. Back in the old days there used to be a quarry and mining activities were thriving. As the human activity there ceased, the sea waves took over and started smitting patiently that peculiar bay, which is characterized by it's crystal clear blue and green waters, particularly chilly, espoecially due to the source deriving from the mountain which outfalls straight into the sea, in a wild white landscape, due to the ''wounded'' mountain that dominates just above it. It is covered by thick sand. During the winter period albatosses nest here, so it took it's name as the Glari beach.

Glari beach is well organized, with umbrellas, sunbeds, shower trays and a stylish beach bar that organizes during the summer period various events and parties, and therefore establishing the beach as a cosmopolitan youth hangout.

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Beach type: Sandy
Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
People with disabilities: Has access for people with disabilities
Distance from the city: 0-10km
Located at: northeast of the city
Sea: Deep waters
Shops in the area: with shops in the area
Blue flag: No blue flag


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