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The village of Kallimasia, 14 kms south by the city of Chios, is today one of the biggest Mastichochoria ( mastic producing villages ). It used to be one of the most prominent settlements of the island already, due to it's geographical location since the middle ages, but unfortunately it was almost devastated due to the great earthquake that hit the island at 1881. In the area of Kallimasia you can visit the local laographical museum, the monastery of Panagia Plakidiotisa, the well preserved and impressive churches, but also ruins of medieval towers that are surrounding the village.

Kalimasia also offers two beaches at a very close vincinity, Agios Giannis and Agios Aimilianos, while a bit before reaching the village, coming from Chios town, the popular beach of Agia Fotia awaits the visitor.



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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 20-30 km
Located at: Southeast of the city

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