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Kardamyla village is located 25 km north from the centre of Chios town and it consists of two villages. The one is the Upper Kardamyla village, and it is the old village. The second one is the Kato Kardamyla village located close to the beach. Closest settlements are the villages Marmaro, Nagos village in the northwest, and a little farther there is Lagada village, in the south-southeast.Kardamyla village is known for its unique traditional architecture due to fact that its houses are mostly stone constructions and are surrounded by narrow streets and alleys. Heading to the port of the village, you can find the remarkable statue of the infamous Sailor of Kardamyla, which was created by a famous local sculptor, called Apartis.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 20-30 km
Located at: northeast of the city


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