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Kataraktis is a seaside village of southeast Chios, 15 kms by the city of Chios. The greek word Kataraktis stands for Waterfall. Still, even at the nowadays location of the village, a waterfall can't be found that would justify the name-place. It exists though a small stream that derives from the direction of the nearby Didima village. The old village of Kataraktis was built higher onto the same slope. According to old sources, it is delivered to us that by the village was operating before  the year 1822 a Watermill, something that might justify the name of the settlement.

Kataraktis was often memorized by the Genoese for it's fortress, state of the fortification art during those ages. There is almost nothing left by that fort nowadays, especially due to to great earthquake of 1881. The fort was equipped with double enclosure and a trench, dominating towers and churches, eventhough they were of small capacity.

The old settlement deserves a visit to see the deserted medieval houses and it's temples, with most well known that of Agios Giannis Argentis of the 14th century with it's memorable wooden temple. After the destruction of 1822 the village was rebuilt by the seaside and it is one of the few seaside villages of Chios.

The local church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos is built atop the homonymous byzantine temple of Falerou. In the village also exists the old church of Taxiarchis

The inhabitants of Kataraktis village are mostly involved with agriculture and fishing. Katarraktis offers a stroll by the sea, food and coffee at it's picturesque cafeterias, restaurants and traditional fishtaverns. For swimming, one can visit the neighbouring beach. The amateur fisherman will feel like home, especially if octopus and crabs are the target.

A very special sight to be found there is the sunk settlement in close distance by the beach. At days of absolute lull, the ruins of an ancient settlement can easily be distinguished.

In the wider area can be found two small monasteries, Moni Chalandron close to the village of Mesa Didima and Panagia to Rouhouni, or else Panagia Rouhouniotissa, a byzantine monastery at an overgrown with trees location, rich with waters close to the village of Pagida. According to some sources Rouhouni was named the old settlement of Kataraktis, before it was reestablished by the sea.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 10-20 km
Located at: Southeast of the city
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