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At the edge of a vertical rock, 7kms north of the city of Chios, spreads the small beach of Mersinidi. Locals have named it so, paying tribute to the homonymous monastery of Panagia Mirsinidiotissa, with it's characteristical blue domes, dominating the area. Once it used to be inaccessible for the many, but nowadays a path has been carved at the slopes and moreover access became easier for most of the people. Despite the small distance by the city, it is not particularly exploited, thus preserving it's natural beauty. Limited in length and width, sown with wide thick pebble, gazes towards the Asia minor seaside from which thousands fled during the great disaster of 1922.

Early evenings in Mersinidi are peculiar. It's the best time due to the fact that the sun has withdrawn and the mountain casts it's shadow towards the beach, leaving the sea shed in light, calling the visitor to sink in it. Swimmers are welcome to. stand out for a while at the hospitable entrance of the nearby cave,

Access at the beach can is covered by a regular bus line. 

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Beach type: Sandy, Shingle
Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
People with disabilities: Has access for people with disabilities
Distance from the city: 0-10km
Located at: northeast of the city
Sea: shallow waters
Shops in the area: There are no shops in the area
Blue flag: No blue flag


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