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Sidirounta or else Siderounta is located northwest of Chios, in a distance approximately 38 by the city of Chios. It is built amidst pine trees and olive trees on the top of a hill, from where it offers an astonishing view towards the west coast of the island and therefore the Aegean sea. With a bull-order by Michail Paleologos ( Byzantine era Emperor ) it was characterized as property of the Nea Moni monastery. The settlement has most likely been named Sidirounta due to the huge numbers of iron stones thriving into the wider area. Those stones after all consist the basic construction material for the houses of the village.

Sidirounta is a particularly picturesque traditional settlement with stone built houses. It used to host a three storie tower in the centre of the village, parts of which are saved up until today, and it's fortification allowed two separate entrances. In the centre of the village can be found the church of Agios Georgios ( Saint George's ). The village has a great reputation due to it's unforgetably great sunsets.

At the hillfoot expand small graphical beaches with crystal clean blue waters. The beaches of Makria Ammos, Tigani beach, Metohi beach, Papalias beach, Gerita and Prastia beach.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 30-40km
Located at: Northwest of the city
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