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Volissos is the biggest village of northwest Chios, 42 kms far from the capital of Chios. It's plains, filled with olive trees offers roughly a quarter of the olive oil production of the island. Volissos is a settlement with long history and continuous historical presence. It is already mentioned by Thucydides, challenging moreover the paternity of Homer the poet. During the Ioustinian ages, general Velisarios built here a defensive fort, which was communicating to the shore through a tunel. The fort was hosting buildings, water tanks and churches. Volissos is notably picturesque with narrow streets, old houses and stone mansions. The landscape is dominated by the imposing illuminated castle. Here one can find windmills and byzantine churches, the transformation of Jesus and one dedicated to Holy Mary. The touristicaly developed Volissos has hotels, rools to let, taverns and bakery renowned for it's bread. Volissos offers from every aspect choices for unforgetable vacations.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
People with disabilities: With friendly access
Distance from the city: 30-40km
Located at: Northwest of the city


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