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Vrontados is a seaside town located at the eastern part of the island, 4 kms north by the city of Chios. It has a long maritime tradition and a great part of it's population is involved in that field.

According to the tradition, before his exploratory travel Christopher Colombus visited Vrontados in order to study navigational manuscripts but also to take valuable advices by it's renowed experienced mariners. During the revolution of 1821, Vrontados's ship owners offered their valuable services to the Battle. Today the modern Vrontados ship and vessel owners are cosidered to be key players in the global maritime market.

Vrontados is also one of the towns that challenge the paternity of Homer the Poet. At the north part of it's port, exists the so called "Stone of Homer" or else "Homerstone", where, according to the tradition the poet sat and pronounced his epical tales. Other important sights are the four windmills with the astonishing view towards the beach, the monument of the "unknown sailor", the laographical museum of the local union, the cathedral of Agios Georgios, the temple of Panagia Erythiani with the elaborate pebble yard, the temple of Agios Markos and also the monument of the great greek glosologist and writer Giannis Psiharis, just a bit outside the town of Vrontados.

In the modern days Vrontados is renowed due to it's rocket war occuring every year during the "ressurection" night of Jesus Christ. In a frantic atmosphere, that looks similar to a battlefield, the two parishes, Panagia Erithiani and Agios Markos, launch handmade rockets towards each others opposing belfry.

The area offers all kinds of services to the visitor: hotels, taverns, cafeterias, even supermarkets.

The seaside avenue of Vrontados is ideal for hiking, especially during the evening hours where the colours of the sunset make it astonishing.


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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 0-10km
Located at: northeast of the city
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