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Anemomiloi ( The 3 Mills )



One and half kilometre north of the city of Chios, in the wider area of Tampakika, an old craft industry zone, dominate four restored windmills ( locals though call the area as the three mills ). Alongside with others too that used to exist there, served the needs of the neighbouring tanneries (tampakika), where was occuring massive leather processing.

The windmills of Tampakika, built after the destructive earthquake of 1881, are two storied structures with height of approximately 10 metres. They belong to the architectular style of mediterranean stonemade towermills, specimens of which hosted the island since the era of Genoese occupation (1346-1566). Some of the mills possessed warehouses at their bases.

Nowadays they consist a monument of great historical and aesthetic value and attract those who are keen on photographs during their visit around the island.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 0-10km
Located at: northeast of the city
Shops in the area: with shops in the area


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