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Armolia Castle of Apolichnon



Northwest of village Armolia on top of a 220 metres hill dominates the castle of Apolichnon, built in 1440 by the Genoan Nicolo Banca Ioustiniani, which can be validated by the latin inscriptions and the blazon on the lintel of the castle's entrance. Thanks to it's dominating position, the plains of Kalamoti and Armolia villages had been opticaly controlled, but also the sea area of Komi. The castle, alongside the Viglas ( watchtowers ) cosisted as a part of the Genoese inspired defence system for Chios island, in which was applied extensive use of smoke signals during the day and fire signals during the night.

The castle used to have a trapezoid shape with solid double walls and small defensive towers around it's corners. In the interior space existed water tanks and 62 rooms, as well as a church. Strolling through the castle, one can examine the ruins of the aforementioned rooms, remnants of the defensive towers with their embrasures at the east and  west part of the castle and a great part of the well preserved  and quite high south wall. Outside and in great distance from the south wall is preserved an additional defensive yard with lower heights on it's walls, that had apparently been constructed so as to support the main defence and to make more difficult the enemy march towards the castle. On the contrary, access from the north was harder dureto the steep cliff. At the northeast tower,  can be found great arch windows , which potentially served as entrances with portable ladders.

Access to the castle can occur with no particular difficulty through the 800 metres path that initially crosses through an olive grove, then through a forestal area, whilst access to the site is free. Due to the morphology of the path, there is no  capability to use other means of transportation, like mountain bike, rather than feet, since there are certain points with steep slopes and stairs. Alternatively, one can cross the route straight at the point where the ascension towards the castle begins, going up there with a vehicle through a fairly good rural road.

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Access: Bus, Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 10-20 km
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