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Archaeological Museum of Chios



The central building of Chios's archaeological museum expands in three stories. With the combination of exposed concrete and glazed coverage on the walls, moreover with it's upper cover of flat roof, consists a representative sample of architectural style of the 60s.
In the main building are being hosted exhibition rooms and support spaces. The second building, which is located at the east side of the central  building, leads from the yard with it's marble staircase. There, can be found a canteen and two conference rooms for lectures and educational purposes. In the courtyard space, exists an amphiteatre for exhibitions and educational programms. The floor of the courtyard is covered by pebble art style.

The permanent exhibition is entitled '' Chios t' enalos polis Inopionos '' ( Chios the seaside city of Inopionos ). The building's schedule was adjusted to the needs of the exhibition and to the modern museological perceptions, such for the presentation of the cultural goods as for the better serving for the visitors, without affecting the architectural style of the building. The exhibition presents representative specimens of art and everyday life in the island from the Final Neolithic period up until the Late Roman Empire.
The exhibition spaces, hosted at the three stories of the main building, consist of five halls for the permanent exhibition and one for the periodical. On the first floor, that includes three exhibition halls, are hosted: a) exhibits of prehistoric Chios from the Last Neolithic era up to the Mycenaean Period, b) specimens of plastic art and sculptures ( statues, portraits, repousses ) from the 8th century BC up until the Roman period and c) tomb stones and inscriptions. On the second floor, which hosts two exhibit halls, are hosted specimens of ceramic and metalworking from the Archaic up until the Roman period and the most important specimens of architecture.
Finally, at the courtyard of the museum occured a ''Macedonian type'' tomb rennovation and were placed architectural parts that were randomly scattered all around Chios island.
At the Archaeological Museum of Chios island occur educative activities, that are addressed to students, alongside with seminars, lectures and speeches.

Address: Michalon 10

Telephone: +30 22710 44239 – Fax: +30 22710 44650

Visiting Hours: Every Day except for Monday 8:00 a.m. - 2.45pm (Winter)


  • Full 2
  • Reduced  1 €  for aged over 65 
  • Reduced 0 for children until 18 years and students

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Access: Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 0-10km


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