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The Fa area is not served by transportation. The length of the route and its intense slope may be tiring in the summer.
Starting from the Fa, we seek the starting point of the route on the asphalt route from Agios Georgios to Sykousis to Avgonima. We meet right (5200 meters from the junction), the sign of the route, where it starts a dirt route, almost downhill and easy. The route evolves into a stone-built road, dating back to the post-revolution period - around 1850. It is the road that connects Lithi with the paths of Central Chios. After a very short time we will encounter a damaged bridge at the point where the Fa flows alongside well-groomed fields with figs, olives and almonds. The forest around the Fa has been burned a few years ago, but natural reforestation is impressive. This stone-paved road is one of the few that has been preserved in such a good condition, and it is also an excellent example of early 19th-century road construction. It has transversal waterways (technically), while the roadside of the dry stone is well-worked and at the points where the slope is very steep, it is divided into two zones with the highest one pressing on the lower one. In the difficult passages the dry stone embraces the limestone boulders and where access is required there are shaped and steps with stones protruding from the slope of the retainer.


Without any detours or intersections, the path leads to Lithi just above the stadium, where we move left to the center of the village or right to the Lithi port



More information : http://www.chios.gr

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Access: Car, Motorcycle
Distance from the city: 0-10km
Located at: Southwest of the city
Shops in the area: There are no shops in the area


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