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Library Korais



The public central historical Library of Chios '' Korais '' is one of the oldest and greatest in Greece.

It's story begins in 1792, when it served as a branch of the Great School of Chios, with the books of Adamantios Korais and other famous greek expatriate scholars at it's core. During the Chios's massacre by the Ottomans in 1822, the Library was destroyed, but Korais dispatched once again books for it's revival. After his death in 1883 according to his will, a significant part of his books and manuscripts arrived once again in Chios.

After the great earthquake of 1881, the Library was relocated at it's today premises. In 1948, it begun, with initiative taken by F. Argenti, the construction of it's second floor, while important expansion and modernization projects occured during the years 1975-1978, in order for the laographical collection of F. Argenti to be hosted.

During the passage of times the library has gathered priceless book collections, manuscripts, magazines, newspapers, paintings, coins, maps, artifacts and heirlooms gifted by great spiritual personalities.

Priceless trasure of the Library is considered the donation of the Great Napoleon, in honour of Adamantios Korais ,of the “Déscription de l’ Egypte” ,consisted by fourteen illustrated volumes issued 1809-1822.

Library of Korai - Argenti Museum

Address: Korai 2

Telephone: +30 22710 44246– Fax: +30 22710 44246

Visiting Hours:

Monday -  Friday:  7.30 a.m. - 3.00pm (Winter)

Friday Afternoon: 5.00pm - 8pm

Saturday: 9.00am - 2.00pm

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  • Full 2
  • Reduced 0 € for children until 12 years


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