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The historical medical museum of Chios is a standard modelled thematic museum that focuses on the exercise of medical science in the island of Chios, so through the actual means of the medical act itself, as for through the individual examination of the historic elements of the organized medical infrastuctures listed in the island of Chios.

The exhibition is built on two main pillars regarding the projection, documentary evidence and in general the promotion: a) the historic value and in the same time the functional usability of the means performing the medical act, of the various medical instruments and apparatuses and b) the historical route of the organized medical infrastructures in the island of Chios.

Under the first thematic axis, exhibits are organized in groups of objects or are being examined as individual cases. They origin either by private collections or by public institutions.

On the other hand , through the second thematic axis, are exhibited in detail, objects, medical treatments, medical tools and apparatuses but also invaluable and rare archive material, directly related with the medical practice  of the daily routine of the lepers hospital amd the maternity clinic.

Finally, under the second organizational pillar, is examined briefly and in detail, through the exhibition of the items and the post separate text reference, the historical route of the four basic institutions of the island, with long duration, social contribution and historic value: The lepers hospital of Chios, or else ''Lovokomio'' with a history of six centuries, the ''Skilitsio'' General Hospital of Chios, running through it's third century of operations, the National ''Mihalio'' Orphanage of Chios, with more than seven decades of existence and the Maternity hospital of Chios '' Miltiadis and Zinovia Kokkali'' with five decades of great service to the local society.

The references to the great foundations of Chios are complemented by a brief overview of the establishment of the first pharmacies in the island during the end of 19th and the begginings of the 20th century.

Finally, a  brief report is being made to the disease of Trachoma, which had already taken large dimensions on the island already by the 19th century, up until the decade of the 70s when it was eradicated.

More information: https://www.iatrikomouseio.com

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