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"Sunrise Tours" began its operation as the General Tourism office in Chios in 1999. Right from the start, the name of our travel agency was synonymous with high quality services, reliability and professionalism. As we have proved during our 19 years of operation, our primary aim is the company’s viability in the long term through the serving of travel needs and requirements.

As Chios is an island that is very close to the Minor Asia’s coast, in 2003 we evaluated the conditions and demands of the market and founded "Sunrise Lines Ltd", in order to provide a daily and reliable connection between Chios with the port of Cesme in Turkey, which is just one hour away from the city of Smirni. Today we operate two boats - the "SAN NICOLAS" ferry boat and the "OINOUSSAI III".

Over the years up until today, we have managed to tackle difficulties such as unfortunate political conditions and the economic crisis, and have contiunued providing our daily trips for throughout the year without interruption, whilst at the same time upgrading our services to meet the more modern demands of travellers. At the same time as the scheduled ferry services, we also offer organized tours and excursions to the coast of Minor Asia. We also offer quality holiday packages in carefully chosen 4 and 5 Star hotels, transporation, guided tours, all adapted to the needs of our clients at very competitive and friendly prices.


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Διεύθυνση : E mail : sunriset@otenet.gr
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